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New luxury cars demand outrageous investments. You will be wild to realize that the value of these expensive cars drops significantly the minute you drive off the dealership’s lot. However, this does not really apply for every car. A new investment analysis shows that classic vintage car, for example, Porsche 911 and some other German or Italian-built sports cars have escalated in value and have solidly maintained their worth over the years. And more outliners are expected to follow, including early Japanese sports car models. Throughout the recession, the classic car market has remained steadfast and now been growing even stronger than ever. This market segment has been quite a better investment in recent years, while even surpassing the art market which was once a top-performer. Buying a vintage classic car may usually involve high-stakes. However, this can make a very good sense now for one prime factor: there are recent makes and models available, producing a new breed of classics. This means you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a vintage car in current days. Not only does it satisfy your passion while buying a classic car, it is a worthy investment that could return you a decent amount over time.

Here are some vintage classic collectible cars that are investment worthy and still affordable and could skyrocket rise in value over the next 1 to 2 decades.



Price $110,000-150,000


This car is the newer version of Porsche 911 sports car that is a line of high-performance cars started with 1973 911 Carrera RS. The GT3 has been in production since 1999 and still running exceedingly well. Nothing much has been changed in style or design. And for driving a Porsche 911, nobody has been ever laughed at though. This signifies its absolute timeless design that will never crash out of style. The GTR’s aerodynamics perfectly works in harmony with the traditional Porsche design to build a streamlined unit of high degree downforce and driving stability. Wealthy men frequently buy the GTR as a track-day car. The recent model on the 997 chassis could also prove to be a great investment option.

  • walkergw

    The Volvo was not driven by James Bond, you are confused with the Austin Martin. It was used by Roger Moore playing “The Saint”. Why would a patriotic British spy use a Swedish car?

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      Actually, James Bond has driven countless cars other than an Aston martin including vehicles by Bentley, Land Rover, General Motors, BMW, Ford and even a Volvo. A complete list can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_James_Bond_vehicles

      • walkergw

        That really is completely beside the point. Roger Moore as 007 never drove a P1800 as the writer says. He did drive one in “The Saint.” Since the article is highlighting the P1800, it is only important that one was never in a James Bond movie, not that a Volvo was driven by James Bond (but not Roger Moore as James Bond) in any movie. My last sentence of my previous comment is much less firm footed. I do believe that Bond had driven some Non-British vehicles that were gadgeted up. Which is really what people mean when saying a “Bond Car”. I am not sure the Volvo fits that description or if it was just a get away car that Bond stole. Either way, with retrospect, I admit the point isn’t very accurate.

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      ASTON martin ole chap!