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In heist movies, savvy thieves and professional operators tend to target high-end and luxurious nameplates including Bugattis and Lamborghinis and a few classic vehicles that have made their mark decades ago. In the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, the trend remains the same- professional thieves and operators have shown the same love for luxurious nameplates and vintage cars, from a 1999 Aston Martin, 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser, or a 1999 Bentley Azure to classic vintage including a 1964 Bentley Continental and a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500. So is it safe to say that luxurious, vintage and exotic cars are the favored vehicles to snatch and drive for thieves? Not exactly- according to experts and industry insiders, the usual target of criminals today isn’t high-end nameplate and exotic vintage. The target vehicles are usually popular makes and models in the mid-price range and often a regular fixture in office or commercial parking lots and spaces. So what could be the reason for these odd car pickings lately? According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, the price tag is not the main factor- usually, it’s how or where the car is parked that affects its security on the road. So what are the most stolen cars for the past few years? And do you have a few makes and models in your mind? If yes, prepare and compare your list with what industry experts have learned and discovered through the years, and prepare to be surprised and get blown!

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