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Planning to buy and drive one’s first car always come with sleepless nights and excitement. Getting inside the car, jumpstarting the car’s ignition and hearing the engine start can be music to the ears of the first-time car owner. But life on the road isn’t always about thrill and excitement- the road can be a challenging place especially for new car owners. The roads are filled with hazards that can compromise the safety of first-time driver, from slippery roads, stubborn drivers and even hard-to-handle makes and models. When a new car driver is not careful, a planned adventure on and off the road can turn into disaster. For this reason, it pays to be careful when choosing a new car to buy and drive. Not all modern makes and models will work for a first-time driver. The best cars for new drivers often offer a compelling mix of safety, reliability and value. Don’t know where to start your shopping for your first car? Here are 10 best cars for new drivers you can consider!


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