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Price $50,000-67,000


The Testarossa epitomized the elegance of the Eighties and represented Ferrari’s history in a unique way. This 12-cylinder mid engine car was edgy, outrageous, bold and exceedingly reliable and noticeable even with a glance. It was also the ultimate choices for yuppies because of its power, wider machinery and stylish look. The huge popularity during its run got its prices skyrocketed up to six-figure range. In the current days its value ranges from £45,000-60,000; however, expert predicts that it might due for resurgence. Having a Ferrari in your garage makes sense when it comes to saleability in the near future.

  • walkergw

    The Volvo was not driven by James Bond, you are confused with the Austin Martin. It was used by Roger Moore playing “The Saint”. Why would a patriotic British spy use a Swedish car?

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      Actually, James Bond has driven countless cars other than an Aston martin including vehicles by Bentley, Land Rover, General Motors, BMW, Ford and even a Volvo. A complete list can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_James_Bond_vehicles

      • walkergw

        That really is completely beside the point. Roger Moore as 007 never drove a P1800 as the writer says. He did drive one in “The Saint.” Since the article is highlighting the P1800, it is only important that one was never in a James Bond movie, not that a Volvo was driven by James Bond (but not Roger Moore as James Bond) in any movie. My last sentence of my previous comment is much less firm footed. I do believe that Bond had driven some Non-British vehicles that were gadgeted up. Which is really what people mean when saying a “Bond Car”. I am not sure the Volvo fits that description or if it was just a get away car that Bond stole. Either way, with retrospect, I admit the point isn’t very accurate.

    • !!!! Hottest??

      ASTON martin ole chap!