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Who doesn’t want to own a flashy, hip and attractive car that can be shown off to friends and bystanders? Owning and even driving this kind of car brings a boost in self-esteem and confidence and often a source of pride that one can show off to others. Unfortunately, these flashy cars from Porsche to the latest iteration of the Lamborghini can cost a fortune and may even compromise your retirement fund. But there’s another way of impressing and showing off without driving these cars. With just some creativity and research to know what’s cheap yet a performer, you can show off and impress your friends the next time you go out. Here’s out listing of 10 cheap cars to show off and let others think that you have arrived!

1. 2005-2010 Cadillac CTS V

CTS-V is the high-performance extension of Cadillac's critically-acclaimed CTS sports sedan.

CTS-V is the high-performance extension of Cadillac’s critically-acclaimed CTS sports sedan.

The latest version of the Cadillac CTS V defines what a Cadillac should be- powerful, executive-looking and yes, pricey. The standard CTS V today comes with a 6.2-liter V8 engine taken from the Corvette, Brembo brakes, eight-speed automatic and comes as a rear wheel drive. Just like the engine performance of Corvette Z06, the CTS can provide more than 600 horsepower thus making this a great super sedan. Priced at nearly $85,000, this super sedan is not exactly the idea of many for showing off, but if you shop for used Cadillac, for model years 2005-2010, you can get CTS that’s still fun to drive and definitely impress!

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