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Work is stressful and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t complain about their jobs. At times, everyone usually has a bad day at work; however, while working in one of the nation’s worst jobs, your bad day can even be more difficult. But what are the factors that make a job the worst?

If you do not really like the job you do for a living, it could make the job the worst one. But working on a job you love doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the best job either. So, there are many factors associated when people complain about their jobs.

Every year, jobs in the various industries are rated from best to worst based on several metrics such as employment prospects, income level, outlook, work environment, stress, proximity to danger, and other emotional factors.

When it comes to automobile industry, there are a number of terrible jobs that are statistically worst ranging from the overworked mechanics to the desperate toll booth attendants. Common worst factors include lower salary, longer working hours, poor employment outlook, proximity to danger, etc.

However, it is worth noting that these worst jobs make car industry running from manufacturing to service, to road maintenance.

Here is a list of 10 worst jobs in the car industry

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