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According to the US Energy Information Administration, roughly 136.78 billion gallons of gas were loaded and used by automobiles around the world in 2014. To illustrate, this translates to 374.44 million gallons of gasoline loaded every day. And according to Navigant Research, the gas-guzzling ways of the world’s vehicles will continue to increase until 2021, and the research firm even speculated that the volume rising to 367.3 billion gallons of gas a year. The research company added that this volume will slightly taper off in 2035 to 348.1 billion gallons of gasoline. Although there’s a window of opportunity in 2035, the date is too far off, and this is still an outrageous number that clearly illustrates the world’s dependence on gasoline to power automobiles. And the dependence on gasoline to fuel the world’s cars is not just about the costs; it’s also about the ripple effects as well including the threat to global health and the environment. It is under these circumstances that electric vehicles are starting to gain traction and acceptance in the market. Although electric vehicles only account to less than 10 percent of the total number of vehicles in many countries, still the progress cannot be denied. Hybrids and EVs are now gaining acceptance and for many analysts and car-driving public, these cars are the way of the future. Here are our reasons why we believe that today’s electric vehicles are the way of the future.

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