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f12 novitec

For many cars enthusiast Sema is the one show you must attend, after doing your research, you find out it’s a trade show and you must be in the industry. You make a couple phone calls and find your invitation allowing you to attend the one and only Sema show in famous Las Vegas. Well at least that’s how my trip went. For myself, this was my first time to Las Vegas and first time to Sema. Sema is the Specialty Equipment Market Association, basically anything car related ranging from wheels and tires to detailing, suspension, and engine work, not only for high end and exotic cars but also classics, off-road and full race cars. Going into this year’s Sema show, i wasn’t to sure what to think. With over 130,000 people from all over the world you will definitely not get bored. The amount of cars all over the convention center was insane. All of these builds were so extensive. The attention to detail on countless builds was immaculate. Here are my personal favorite 25 cars from Sema 2015. ( in no particular order )

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