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The American automobile manufacturing industry suffered deeply during the automotive industry crisis of 2008-2010. Since then, there has been steady growth in car and light truck sales with over 1.5 million in Mach, that made 11% increase in sales from a year ago.

Despite this steady recovery, the sales for certain vehicles are remarkably low each year, spending over 4 months in dealer’s lot before they were sold. Cars that take longer turnover periods are often indicative to floundering sales, and revealing that consumers are losing interest in buying them.

Most consumers have to consider several things while buying a car, and some of which are safety, fuel-efficiency, performance, affordability, sturdiness, etc. They often check out consumer reports’ rating system that gives an unvarnished view of a car’s real-world performance, everything from the quality of interior trim to a car’s handling in emergency situations.

Relying on the car reviews from Consumer Reports and J.D. Power, here are 10 cars no one wants to buy. If you disagree with our list, feel free to add your views in the comment section.

  • Craig Beetham

    Obviously written by an American who’s (1) never been outside the US (2) knows nothing about cars (3) knows nothing about the motor industry, what a load of crap this article is. Or just trying to get advert hits? Probably drives a full-size SUV.

    • Pauline9

      And for the Smart FourTwo (which I am not a fan of by the way), the writer says “low highway safety rating” but the iihs website shows good for most categories? Unethical journalism in my opinion.

  • kieppie

    I like none of the cars listed, however, the arguments are the dumbest I have ever heard. Congrats to the moron who wrote this.