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Every year, industry watchers and car enthusiasts wait for the latest concept and production cars that are expected to hit the market in the next few years. The usual venues to check out the latest concept and production cars and to know more about their stories are annual auto shows hosted in different parts of the world, from Frankfurt to Tokyo, Japan. Although all these auto shows are used as platforms to show off the latest models and advancements in automotive technologies, not all auto shows are hotly anticipated, attended and covered. When it comes to a highly rated (and anticipated) auto show, the Geneva Auto Show or Salon international de l’auto leads the way.
Hosted at a convention center near the city’s international airport, the Geneva Auto Show has consistently hosted major concept and production cars. And since the country has no automotive industry to call its own, the auto show is seen as a neutral platform for all industry players. This year, the Geneva Auto Show once again showed why it’s a leading auto exposition, thanks to a variety of concept and production cars that are hotly anticipated in the market. All cars were hosted with fanfare, but only a few are hotly anticipated. Here’s our picks on the top 5 most anticipated new cars of Geneva Auto Show.

1. Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regera
Koenigsegg has once again taken the industry by storm, and this time the venue was Geneva for the annual auto show. Although there are other sports cars in attendance at the show, Koegnigsegg Regera was considered as one of the stars thanks to a loaded engine that can produce 1,500 hp. The Regera is powered by a plug-in hybrid backed by three electric motors. Thank to this power plant, the Regera has been tested to move from 0 to 250 mph in under 20 seconds. If you need to get around fast, definitely this Koegnigsegg is best for you. According to reports, the company will only produce up to 80 Regeras, so if you want to snap one better start saving or pre-order now before it’s gone. But be ready to pay an outrageous price for the Koegnigsegg Regera. The latest reports show that this showpiece can be yours for $1.8 million.

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