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In 129 years of automobile glory since Karl Benz first built the first petroleum powered engine, automakers have produced a wide spectrum of vehicle designs and also found out undiscovered concepts or forms of what the future vehicles would look like.

Automobiles used to have yearly ground-up refresh on interior, exterior as well as mechanical elements; however, a car model in modern days usually gets mid-cycle refresh to keep things afresh, enjoying a longish production run of mostly five-to-seven or even more.

Developing a new car model and making it into production typically costs billions of dollars, taking at-least five or more years. However, this could be changing with the advent of the modular platforms and we are now likely to see a lot more new cars models a lot sooner.

Most new vehicle models get refreshed with advanced tech, great handling, mass reduction, fuel economy, as well as safety. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment systems will come as standard features in future car models.

There are already a number of new cars lining up to be launched before 2020, although we have only a few spy photos for those models. The rumors of their existence make news and intensify product life cycles among competitors.


So take a look at the top 20 cars coming out before 2020 that are worth waiting for.


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is a full-sized luxury, third generation Tesla plug-in electric car that may hit the road in 2017. With the expected priced at just $35,000, this all-electric car could prove to be the most affordable Tesla, offering a 200-mile range.

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