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High-profile professional athletes are rich and famous with pool of cash at their disposal. Each year, they make outrageous amounts of money that allows them spend like there is no tomorrow. Their fame and fortune affords those big-time purchases and many other lavish materials. Their willingness to throw money around shoots for the moon. Some spend in fancy houses and others in cars – ridiculously expensive cars.

Cars are the ultimate status symbol for professional athletes though they love their cars for the same reason just like everyone else. The only difference is – they can afford rarest and the most bizarre of cars to add to their growing automotive collections. As these top athletes take their cars out for a spin, they captivate everyone’s attention and make all of us to envy.

From plain cool to outlandish, these big-ticket cars run the spectrum. Here are athletes’ ten top cars that are awe-inspiring automobiles with peak financial values.

  1. Bugatti Veyron


This French-built and massively powerful car is miles ahead of anything else. Everything in terms of price, power & performance, this incredible car puts itself on the top list. With an 8.0 L engine and mighty 1001hp, that is evenly tremendous with 4 turbochargers and 16 cylinders, it requires 10 radiators to keep itself cool. This insanely expensive car with a starting price of $ 1.7 million securely keeps everything ingrained to the road and can touch the 400kph top speed and once it reaches 220kph, a spoiler is automatically deployed.

Some of the famous athletes who own Bugatti Veyron are boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, New England Patriots Tom Brady, etc.

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