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Today, the automotive market is considered very competitive with global sales led by Toyota and Volkswagen Group. Both companies are known for their long list of makes and models that managed to impress and deliver on and off the road. According to Statista, Toyota and the Volkswagen Group posted more than 10 million vehicle sales for 2014. Both brands are headquartered overseas and offers a wide variety of makes and models, and some of these are completely made and assembled in the United States. Although global brands are starting to dominate the global sales, American brands are still in the thick of the fight for supremacy in many classes. And if you just look at the right places and research the released makes and models, you will discover that there are true-blue American cars that can easily compete head-on with other makes and models made overseas. The list is long when it comes to the best American cars. And to help you shop and appreciate some of the best, we have listed ten of the best American cars in 2015. For the purposes of this article, we mean cars manufactured in America.

1. 2015 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

One of the best all-American ca is also all-electric and more. The Tesla Model S has managed to impress critics and daily drivers alike thanks to its efficiency and deluxe looks and features. Starting at $69,000, the Tesla S packs all the luxurious amenities and features that every discerning driver loves. The interior can accommodate up to seven passengers and promises between 180 and 225 miles for every full charge. Charging the Tesla S is relatively faster and will you will only nee roughly 5 hours to fully charge the vehicle. And did we already mentioned that this car also delivers on aesthetic side? The Tesla Model S is one of the better looking all-electric cars out there, and it’s completely US-made.

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