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Auto shows from Geneva to Tokyo always provide different concept and production cars to meet varying consumer tastes and demands. There are concept cars that are planned for production to meet the ‘speed’ requirements of enthusiasts and car buyers. Latest iterations of Lamborghini, Porsche and other high-end powerful cars are always highly anticipated, and the first few anticipated production units are snapped and reserved before the end of the auto show. There are ultra-luxurious cars too that often receive its own set of audience- the ultra-sophisticated class of drivers who demand only the best from Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and BMW. And there are the usual odd balls in the lot- that group of concept those cars that are considered bold, different or even crazy. For this year’s set of auto shows in different parts of the world, the enthusiasts and regular observers are once again treated to the same spectacle- there are odd and crazy cars worth checking out. Here’s our own listing of the craziest concept cars so far of 2015.

1. EDAG Light Cocoon concept

EDAG Light Cocoon

For many enthusiasts and observers of auto shows, the EDAG Light Cocoon concept is an odd addition to the list of concept cars for exhibition. And for some in the audience, this concept is an innovative take on a flashy car worthy of a second look. But for others, it’s a crazy concept. So what’s the fuss around the EDAG, and what does EDAG stands for? Well, the company is based in Germany and has been to known to deliver engineering solutions. The EDAG shown in the picture is actually the 16th concept car from the company and was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva auto show. This concept car is lightweight, has 3D printed structure and design is inspired by the environment. And did we mention that the EDAG concept car glowed in pink when unveiled at the Geneva auto show?

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