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Flying cars have been the subject of many speculations, test projects and fantasies of many drivers and enthusiasts. It seems that flying is the next frontier for many car drivers. But is it really possible, and can we see a production flying car in our lifetime? If we are to base it on the news clips and latest development in the market, it seems that flying cars are about to take off and there have been a number of companies that are now testing their flying cars for the market. But let it be known that these aren’t your ordinary vehicles for transportation- flying cars are expected to be sold at a high price, you’ll need another set of training and certifications just to operate one, and you need another kind of license. But for many, these worries are reserved in time for the arrival of production flying cars. Today, let’s first count down 5 of the coolest flying car concepts that have thrilled and gave home to many.


1. Terrafugia TF-X flying car concept

Terrafugia is one company that takes the lead in the development of a prototype flying car that can be tapped for mass production. Scheduled for delivery in the next 2-3 years, this flying car concept is a realization of the dreams of many to finally take a car in mid-air and travel in comfort and style. According to the latest press releases about the Terrafugia TF-X concept, this will retail for at least $279,000. Of course, this is just the base cost that one will shoulder; there are extra costs too including insurance but all these will be for nothing when the idea of a flying car will materialize.

The concept car from Terrafugia fuses the designs of a land car and an aircraft to come up with a working flying car. The flying car has two fold-up wings and twin motors that will power the flying car on and off land. There is also a 300-hp engine, and together with the twin motors, will allow the flying car to move horizontally or vertically. The flying car can seat up to four passengers including the driver, and it also comes as a semi-autonomous vehicle. Just recently, the Terrafugia TF-X was in the news after the Federal Aviation Administration approved the test flights for Terrafugia TF-X in US airspace.

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