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AeroMobil flying car

2. AeroMobil flying car prototype

AeroMobil is another manufacturer that’s developing its own flying car concept. The prototype from this Slovakian company can seat up two passengers, with a maximum speed of 200km/h and a road speed of 160km/h. This prototype is constructed from advanced composite materials, and the same materials are used in the construction of wheels, wings and the body shell. The prototype also features autopilot, advanced parachute development system and avionics equipment that according to the company will be probably included in the production flying car.
This flying car prototype has been tested many times before its actual production and just recently, a test flight has run into a problem. Just this May 2015, it was reported that a test flight of the AeroMobil crash-landed in Slovakia. According to a press release, its pilot encountered a problem and responded by activating the ballistic parachute system. Although this is considered as a step back for the prototype, the company responded by saying that the problem was not unexpected since it was just in the prototype stage. The company referred to this event as a learning period and vowed to improve the prototype.