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Don’t Let it Sit and Rust

Once you’ve bought your exotic car, don’t just let it rest in your garage for days on end. You might think that you are preserving its pristine form but you are actually letting it rust and rot. Take out your exotic car as often as possible, be it for a nice drive around the city or to a nice restaurant for a dinner date. You can also take your prized possession to the office once in a while. The more often you drive your exotic beauty, the more lively it will stay.

Flaunt It but Do Not Try to Show Off

Video: Drew Storms

The first instinct of most new owners of exotic cars is to rev up or slow cruise drive their rides through streets in order to grab attention of the people towards their exclusive new buys. However, please understand there’s a good difference between flaunting and showing off. Exotic cars come with a strong magnetic appeal of their own. You need not rev up your car’s engine or slow drive it to grab eyeballs. It will not only make you seem hungry for attention but will also damage your ride’s components (which are not cheap to repair by the way). Drive your exotic ride with ease and panache; it will attract plenty of stares anyway!