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Owning An Exotic Car Can Be Just As Affordable As Any Other Car



Image: Luxury Rental Europe

When we think of “exotic” we often immediately think of the cost of purchasing one. And it is what separates some exotics from the rest of the crowd. There are things that have to be considered other than just the most expensive exotics and even when purchasing an exotic car there is much more to ownership than just the purchase price. In fact the cost of operating any car has built in financial considerations.

Common costs associated with any vehicle are similar and that’s why it’s possible to calculate the actual cost of owning any vehicle. When you begin looking at all the factors you start to see a clearer picture of how, when compared to the cost of ownership of any car, owning an exotic vehicle isn’t that different than owning just about any other vehicle. From routine maintenance to actual repairs you can control it to a high degree.

Value tracking company Edmunds finally put this knowledge to their own formula which is used by many people. However, long before they put it into a universal format exotic car buyers and collectors were already calculating hidden costs, everyday costs, and cost of purchase. What this allows us all to see is what it costs to own say a Lexus GS compared to a BMW M5. As a car enthusiast you already calculated the purchase price in your head to be about double for the M5, but what about all those other things?

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