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3. Impractical car needs
Most of us are not very realistic or practical about our needs regarding vehicles. We buy vehicles that we anticipate would meet a future need and not the present one. A typical example is when we plan to maybe own a camping trailer sometime in the future and due to this anticipated need we decide to buy a SUV. We don’t even own the trailer yet! It is suggested that we acquire vehicles that attend to our present needs.

4. The Hybrid craze
Let’s face facts: Hybrid vehicle are priced higher than the regular gas and diesel vehicles. You pay a premium for the hybrid advantage and when you deduct the value of your regular gas vehicle from that of a Hybrid. This additional premium aid may never be paid off by the savings you make on use of less gas or diesel. On the long run you will pay more for that Hybrid vehicle. A final fact is the gas and diesel engines are today more efficient.