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1. Buying on impulse
A lot of folks tend to think ‘window shopping’ before buying a car is a great way t get a good bargain. Actually it’s not .Whilst you may have walked into the car show room with absolutely no intention to buy your car yet. The car salesman already has intentions to make you buy. They are well trained to gauge your emotions and can tell when you really like a car and when you would buy due to your emotions. So while you’re Saying: I would really love to own a car like this” with no intention of buying. The car salesman knows he may never get a chance to make you buy if you leave. He knows that impulse is simply an emotion.

2. Buying without proper research
Research is a useful tool for avoiding impulse buying. When armed with the right information regarding safety, recalls, second hand value, and price range and maintenance costs; you would walk into the car sales lot with confidence and information that you are certain off, not just what the salesman offers you. Decisions you make at this point would be a better informed one

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