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People often talk about movies that involve great cars. Hollywood movies, over the years, have introduced some of the most influential and powerful cars with high-end performance and unique styling.

Some are reliable, some are super-hot and outrageously expensive, and there are some that are famous of all times. These cars inspire car culture, influence a generation, and become the legends.

There are very few things that define a personality better than the car a person drives and in the same way, a movie is better defined by the cars their lead characters drive. The influence of great Hollywood movie cars is enormous, not only giving recognition of the movies in a bigger way, but also creating stir among consumers.

In the movies, these cars show the societal class of the personality driving them. Hollywood stars, today, can afford the sleekest, most luxurious and expensive cars ever with all the bizarrely huge money they make with their movies.

So, throughout all these years, cars have been playing a significant part in the Hollywood entertainment industry. From Pontiac to Dodge to Ford Mustang to Chevy Camaro to Ferraris, etc., they remain the focal point of attention even long after the movies they appeared in are no longer remembered.

Check out these 7 famous cars of Hollywood, in no particular order.

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