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Guys are mad about bikes for different reasons. For many, a bike is just a mode of transport, while for some other; it is a symbol of passion and personality.

The motorbike industry has undergone various phases of technological innovations and competition, bringing excellent and exceptional productions that often influence human thinking.

However, only a few top manufacturing companies produce extraordinarily luxurious and very rare breed of bikes whose craftsmanship and performance are incredible enough to entice people’s mind and make them wonder how those innovations have been achieved.

Due to darn speed, marvelous design, quality materials and technology used to make these bikes, they are outrageously expensive. They are made by keeping in view the thrill and luxury that a driver has in mind.

So, they are obviously not meant for commoners, because only the millionaires and billionaires can afford buying them.

The price tags of these super-luxury bikes can even put many luxury or sports cars to shame.

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive production bikes in the USA

Ecosse ES1 ($3,600,000)

Ecosse Esp1

Ecosse Esp1

Designed by Formula 1 engineers to have the best aerodynamic and ergonomic features, Ecosse ES1 is the most expensive superbike in the USA costing $3,600,000. Powered by a V4, 1000cc, four-stroke engine, it is capable of producing 200 hp of power, 189.84 nm of torque and a top speed of 230 mph (370.1 km/h) with the frameless design with carbon fiber front, the Ecosse ES1 is the world’s lightest and most luxury oriented superbike with extraordinary handling.

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