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Is it for personal use or for family?

This is second important aspect which helps us to decide which type of car we want. Usually people consider factors as performance, security and safety, mileage, internal space and the budget. Out of these, once we fix on budget, we can consider other factors one by one. If the car is going to be used by a single person and 1-2 passengers occasionally, internal space is not of concern. Higher performance and good mileage are considered to be important factors. A small sized sedan can fulfill this requirement. When it comes to family, we definitely need a bigger space which would be sufficient for 7-8 passengers and other stuff like baby carrier, heavy baggage and may be a pet! A 3 or 4 box hatch back MPV (Multi-purpose Vehicle) is the best option! All that matters is convenience of your family. In such vehicles we also get other features as remotely locking doors and easy adjustment of the seats to occupy complete floor area. Safety should not be neglected and make sure that you equip the car with all latest safety features.