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Trust car manufacturers and designers to come up with the craziest and fun ideas for their different makes and models. And we are not just talking about the usual performance on and off the road, from horsepower production, gas mileage and monstrous acceleration. These are already norms in the automotive industry, designed to satisfy the wants of car owners and enthusiasts. What we mean are the crazy car features that were conceptualized and designed to make great cars grander, more hip and personalized. Not yet familiar with these crazy and outrageous car features? Well, here are 30 of the most craziest and outrageous car features you never thought existed.


1.BMW’s Gentlemen Function

So what exactly is ‘Gentlemen Function’ in a car, and is this feature exclusively for use by male drivers of BMW? According to the manual provided by the manufacturer, this is a control within the driver’s seat that allows for the front passenger seat to be adjusted to the left on the door. This feature is available in BMW’s 7 series, and the control is way hidden within the other controls for Front Seat.

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