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When it comes to the search for the best cars in the market, fuel efficiency usually gets in front of factors and criteria. While road performance, quality of interior materials used and exterior design, motivates many car buyers, the number of miles covered for every gallon is still a critical requirement for many. And even when gas prices are running low, still fuel economy matters for many drivers and car owners. Choosing a fuel-efficient car as your next vehicle is a cost-effective and smart move, and can serve as your tool against oil price hikes. And getting one is a great reminder too, that you are just being a responsible steward of Mother Earth. Whatever your reason or motivation for picking a fuel-efficient car, we have the right list for you.


1.BMW i3

When it comes to fuel efficiency, this BMW entry is one of the best models out there. When the BMW i3 was first introduced in the market, this was rated as a fuel efficient car, the design and construction was improved in time for the 2017 model year. For the 2017 edition of the BMW i3, car owners and enthusiasts can count on a more powerful lithium-ion battery that is capable of offering better performance and range, that can move from the basic 81 miles to more than 114 miles (or 183 km range). This new battery from BMW i3 comes with a 33.0 kWh capacity, and heavier making the new edition of the BMW i3 heavier. Officials from the company acknowledged that in real world driving experience, the best range of the BMW i3 runs from 114 to 124 miles, taking into account different terrains, from hills to traffic.

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