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Russia’s T-90 AM

1. Russia’s T-90 AM

The Soviet Union was once considered as one of the leaders when it comes to military technology. But with its fall, the different republics under its control took divergent steps in tapping their technologies, or at least what’s left of it. Russia is one of those republics that were lucky to own a number of Soviet-era military technologies, including tanks. The Soviet-era T-72 was a well-known model, and used around the world.

Through the years, the T-72 has been improved and upgraded to match with the tanks of western powers. And during the 1990s, this tank was used as the inspiration for a new model- the T-90 AM. Starting the mid 1990s, the T-90 was the most advanced tank of the Russian Ground Forces and the Naval Infantry. The tank is protected by a blend of steel and composite armour, Kontakt-5 explosive-reactive armour, smoke dischargers and laser warning to name just a few. Starting 2011, the Russians no longer expected the production of this tank due to the planned release of another super-tank- the T-14, based on the ‘Armata’ chassis.