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The most important thing while driving is to only focus on the task of driving required to make your vehicle move from the source to the desired destination safely. Driving is unavoidable; however, many people do lots of crazy things rather than remaining focused on the most important task at hand.

Multitasking is acknowledged as the efficient use of time; but multitasking while driving can cause accident that may result to serious injuries or even death. From changing dress, reading and texting to clipping nails, shaving and eating soups, etc, to name a few, there are many weirdest things people do while still behind the wheel.

So, performing only the tasks required for driving, following the safety measures and always being alert to other drivers’ actions is the key for being a good and defensive driver. Tons of people do not follow that precept and continue to perform many odd things while driving. They just think that they can pull off almost anything in the car.

Those actions are often linked to the distracted driving that poses potential threats not only those behind the wheel but also pedestrians and other road occupants. Such crazy driving is more likely to get into crashes serious enough to cause fatal injuries or even death.

So, here are some of the odd things you won’t believe people do while driving their vehicles. Some of these things are extremely unsafe and severely crazy!


Putting On Makeup

Craziest things people do while driving-makeup

It is really amazing to see some ladies keeping control on the road with steer on their knee while they manage putting on makeup with a mirror in one hand and a lipstick or eye shadow brush in the other. Some women also often do makeup by sticking their heads out the window to look at the side mirror or flip down the sunshade to see on mirror. While doing this, they usually run over and hit the rumble strips while also move their vehicles back and forth across the road. For this activity, they know for sure that they should stop the car first.


Dress Changes

Craziest things people do while driving-dressing

Ladies are impressively great on this one. Not only do in the movies we see quite a lot outfit changing scenes but also in reality, full wardrobe changes or dressing keeps taking place in traffic. While this is a sensational feat of skills, switching from one outfit to another when still behind the wheel, it is also an exceedingly risky activity though, not to mention the free show they are potentially giving some passing truckers.



Craziest things people do while driving-texting

The popularity of mobile devices has also brought various high-risk consequences while mixing with driving. A significant increase in distracted driving is often linked to the use of mobile phones. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, texting causes 12 % of all fatal crashes, resulting in thousands of injuries and even loss of lives.


Craziest things people do w

Reading newspaper while driving to work is also one of the most dangerous distractions and has also caused many accidents. While driving, they simply hold a newspaper in one hand or have the book taped to their steering wheel. They just stare down on the book and don’t look up the road ahead although they might glace back once in a while. This is what they do doing when you read and drive and has claimed lots of fetal accidents per year, causing injuries and even death.


Craziest things people do while driving-eating

Most people have done eating in their vehicles at least once. However, this is ridiculously above the danger mark and one of the craziest things people do while driving on the road. And in many other cases, some people hold soft-drink on one hand and a sandwich on the other while also trying to balance the wheel. It is amazing to wonder how these people pull such activity off for that long without spilling.


Clipping Nails

Craziest things people do w

Although difficult enough to perform this activity while in motion, some people have claimed to have done it. Not only is it risky but it is one of the distracted driving activities that have caused severe accidents from time to time.

Brushing Teeth

Craziest things people do while driving-brushing

A late start in the morning make some people do brushing teeth in their vehicle while driving to work. Not only does it create risky situations in their driving, but they are also putting potential risk in other fellow drivers with distractions. What really perplexing is how they would manage to spit out the toothpaste once they are done brushing? Most probably spitting out of the window which no one ever want to see!


Craziest things people do while driving-shaving

Both men and women have been fined for shaving behind the wheel. While they mostly do this activity out of a hurry trying to get to offices, grooming on the go has claimed numerous fetal crashes in the United States.

Typing on laptop

Craziest things people do while driving-typing-on-laptop

While driving to work some people want to have a head start on work or have to send emails before reaching the office. See what they do then: typing in their laptops while also managing to drive. This kind of multiple tasking make them look away from the road ahead. And what happens is when they meet a curve, they are not going with the curve, resulting accidents.

Putting the left leg out the window

Craziest things people do while driving-leg-out-of-window

A lot of times, what we can often see is some people just stick their left leg out of the window while speeding down the road. There is no way they can get their legs down to break if they need stopping all of a sudden to avoid an accident. And also when the airbag gets deployed, it would also hurt them quite painfully.


Diaper Changes

craziest things people do while driving-diaper-change

One’s full attention is normally required in diaper changing. But some women are amazing on this task. They simply hold their babies next to them on the front seat and engage with this activity. What a amazing set of skills they have. But not only does it invites potential accidents to the driver themselves but also may result threat to other drivers. What really worries us is that the diaper might hurl out the window and hit any one of the unsuspecting drivers speeding down the road.


Engaging with the Call of Nature

Many people have done this activity in a hurry or being stuck in a traffic jam for long or simply being lazy while driving their ways to offices. So, it seems to happen quite often. It is easier for some people than others while trying to pull this off without making a mess.

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