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The winter months may be a few months away but it’s never too late to plan out the best car to use during winter in case you are on a car shopping (or swapping) mode. Winter is not the friendliest season for car drivers due to thick snow and slippery roads and slopes that require a solid traction and hold from the car tires. Navigating snow-covered roads and highways can be highly inconvenient and unsafe that can test the patience of even the most experienced driver out there. If you are from the areas that get average to massive snowfall during winter months like Vermont with 77.28 inches on average per year or Syracuse with 128 inches of snow on average per year, then it’s only logical to pay attention to the car that you’ll become your service vehicle as soon as the season starts. And even if you’re not from a region noted for heavy snowfall, it’s still best to select a car that can hold its ground during winter. In case your family is planning to travel or visit a relative, there’s a big chance that you’ll pass an area with moderate snow fall which can be problematic if your car is not designed to work well in slippery roads and slopes. So take the next best step when it comes to preparing for the winter months- take a good look at the best car to use during winter. And you won’t believe some of the best cars to try out today. Discover what experienced drivers have been raving about, and test-drive one and see for yourself!

1. Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

Not all vehicles can work confidently on slippery roads and slopes. For a vehicle to work on this kind of work environment, it should be designed as an all-wheel drive or AWD. An AWD vehicle can provide power to all wheels to ensure forward traction. This kind of design ensures a better and reliable performance during winter season, with a few limitations on performance. One such AWD that is often listed in the compilation of best cars for winter is the Subaru Outback. The Subaru Outback is an AWD vehicle that can deliver better traction, and higher ground clearance that can serve an advantage when tackling slippery slopes. This Subaru is backed by an active torque split AWD system where power is divided 60 percent to 40 percent from front to back. The system can easily provide additional power to the wheels at the back if there’s a front slip. There’s also a stability control system that can minimize when spin.

The Subaru Outback isn’t just backed by a single technology that helps make it a winter-worthy vehicle; there are other design features and technologies too that help shape the Subaru as an all-around vehicle.
As mentioned, the minimum clearance of 2015 Subaru Outback is 8.7 inches, similar to Jeep Cherokee. The skinny tires of Subaru are already helpful in slippery and snow-filled roads, but these can still be upgraded to snow tires. Most of the tires that are fitted in vehicles in the United States are ‘all season tires’, and all these tires are standards in almost all Subaru vehicles excluding the sports car. The great thing about these all-season tires is that the cars can perform well on different road and temperature conditions. But if you are from an area known for heavy snow fall, replacing the factory tires with snow or winter tires can help improve the performance of the Subaru thanks to the fine grooves included in the tire design.

A complete and reliable winter vehicle is not just about performance- it’s also about the interior features to keep the driver ready for the climate. The interior of the Subaru is fitted with just the right amenities and technologies to keep the driver warm and comfortable throughout the travel. Expect a heated windshield, seats and mirrors to keep everyone warm. On paper, the Subaru Outback delivers on the goods even during winter months. So why don’t you give the Subaru test today, in time for the looming winter months which can become a test of patience for many.

2. Volvo XC70

Introduced in 1996 and now on its third generation, the Volvo XC70 is an all-wheel drive, with powerful exterior and above –average clearance, thus making it one of the most versatile performers on snow-covered roads. The XC70 is a certified driver and family pleaser, especially if you are looking for a vehicle that can work year-round in different weather conditions, roomy cargo, upscale cabin and car-like handling. It is also backed by a Hill Descent Control that allows a technology support for the adventurous driver tackling the off roads. This technology provides the driver better control when facing rough and steep roads. When it happens, you can simply push the assigned button, and the descent will become smoother. Since this Volvo is designed as an all-wheel drive vehicle, it will come with the stability control technology that can help prevent spinouts, rollovers and fishtails. Inside the Volvo XC70 is a collection of amenities and technologies that can provide the driver with a comfortable and stress-free driving experience even during extreme winter months. The driver and passengers of this Volvo will be treated to heated windshields, steering wheels and front and rear seats. These are complemented by heated headlamp washers and washer nozzles. The Volvo XC70 is also a natural vehicle to use in snow-filled and slipper road conditions since it carries the brand’s long-standing commitment for safety. For the longest time, the name Volvo has been associated with safety thanks primarily to industry-leading technologies including active-safety and accident-avoidance technologies.

3. Toyota Sienna

Minivans are not necessarily expected to be included in the list of all-weather and reliable vehicles that can take on the demands of slippery road conditions. But because the Sienna is an all-wheel drive vehicle, this family vehicle becomes a reliable partner as well during winter months. Aside from the AWD capability, Toyota Sienna comes with higher than average clearance of 6.6 inches, powered by 3.5-liter V6 engine that can offer 266 horses. The driver and the minivan’s passengers are also well-pampered even during cold nights thanks to heated seats. With these features and technologies, this Toyota minivan no longer just works as a service family vehicle to pick-up groceries; the Sienna becomes an all around vehicle that can take on the slopes and snow-filled roads.

4. 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A favored choice by many off-roaders, the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has managed to win the hearts of car shoppers looking for a versatile and tough service vehicle during winter months. At the core of the performance of the Grand Cherokee is the 4-wheel drive system. This system allows the Cherokee to deliver tenacious and highly reliable traction on snow-filled roads. There are other technologies within the vehicle that makes it a dependable service including the QUADRA-LIFT Air Suspension available on 4WD models that allow the driver to adjust the ride height instantly depending on road condition. This feature can help lift the clearance by 2.6 inches, or can be used to lower it by 1.5 inches. The Cherokee is also powered by the Selec-Terrain system which allows you to select a traction control mode depending on existing or expected driving conditions. You can choose from among Snow, Sport, Auto, Sand/Mud and Rock. In short, the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee is more than ready to take on snow or other things nature will throw at any given time!

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