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Underground Racing in Florida has been turning out twin turbo monster Lamborghini’s for over ten years now. Often regarded as one of the fastest cars around, UGR Gallardo’s have been setting and breaking records since day one. The original made a measly 800hp, but their new package, Stage X makes over 2000hp. Last weekend at wannagofast Florida, a Gallardo Superleggera equipped with UGR’s Stage X broke the 1/2 mile record when it went 233mph in the half mile. This beats the previous record of 230, set by rival firm Heffner performance, putting UGR back on top.

  • Robert Wills

    If you can afford a 1 million dollar automobile, things like 40K for tires is pocket change.

    For comparison, knock 3 zeros off 1 million dollar car to scale it down and that means that the 1,000,000 car scales down to 1,000 and the tires are now $40, which is less than I pay for my tires ($82 installed).

    It’s all about scaling.

  • DSE

    I’m beginning to think these videos of cars crashing are fake.