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As they say ‘beauty is relative’, but when it comes to judging cars based on its aesthetic value, it seems that a number of industry critics and watchers share the same sentiments (and choices) when it comes to what’s aesthetically pleasing and cars that are plain ugly. Check the web for a listing of ugliest cars ever produced in the industry, and surely you’ll find several makes and models common to all these listings. And in the spirit of friendly debates and insightful discussions, we also decided to make our own list of what we thought are the ugliest cars in history. Here’s a listing of the ugliest cars made so far. Join us at the comment sections below.

1. AMC Pacer

AMC Pacer

The 1970s is known as a decade of change, bold statements and having fun but it’s also a time for uninspired releases in the automotive industry. One such release that made news during its day was the AMC Pacer which was initially reviewed positively in 1975 thanks to its bold and ‘futuristic look’. The company was so into this model that it decided to offer an electric version to help address the looming gasoline crisis. But time is the perfect judge- years after it was introduced; car buyers and industry insiders saw the obvious problems with the AMC Pacer. The model was mocked for its choice of color, design and use of asymmetric doors.

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