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Quick question. Why do we love sports cars? And what’s with sports cars that always get the attention of drivers, and stop pedestrians on their tracks? After all, these vehicles are not as large compared to pick-up trucks, and may not be the best bet for families planning for their next road trip. And the sticker price? The figures, that range from $80,000 to roughly $300,000 and more will only upset you.

Given these factors, why do people still dream of owning and driving a sports car? Well, they are exclusive, fun and sexy. If you are building a brand, your boosting your profile, driving in a Porsche or the latest Audi R8 will definitely make some head turn. And you’ll be taken seriously too, knowing that you have arrived, in a flashy sports car.

Sports cars are the object of dreams, but it can become a reality, if you just know where to turn to, and know the best sports cars that are ‘easy of the wallet’. That’s right, you can get into the groove with a sports car without raiding your retirement fund!

Here are 14 sports cars that are under $30,000, and can offer you the thrill of driving and owning a sports car, without the crunch:

2016 Ford Mustang

1. 2016 Ford Mustang

Starting at $24,000, the 2016 Ford Mustang effectively fuses power and design. One thing we like about the Mustang is power, backed by the Mustang tradition. With four engines to choose from, a performance package to keep you engaged throughout the driving experience and a hip design that can outdo and empower the senses, the 2016 Ford Mustang instantly becomes a hip sports car of choice for many. And it doesn’t hurt as well that this Ford offering carries a ‘cheap’ $24,145 price tag.

With this affordable price and superb specs combo, it’s no longer surprising why enthusiasts and critics are going crazy over this latest offering from Ford. In our list, the 2016 Ford Mustang is powerful by design, and by road standards.

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