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With life becoming more progressive and interesting in the 21st century, we are equally becoming more prone to be at risk with our surroundings. This is especially true when it comes to current auto thefts rate because there are lot of auto thefts going on with a total of 699,594 vehicles reportedly stolen in the USA in 2013.

Auto thieves have evolved with changing technology and they have become smarter and organized these days. They use sophisticated electronic hacking equipment to breach security coding remotely or programme a new electronic key for cars. Despite the fact that most modern car are equipped with advanced anti-theft systems, the 21st century auto thieves can still manage to get their hands on into your car’s system without making a sound. According to the FBI, one vehicle is being stolen in every 45 seconds in the United States.

Modern thieves mainly steal for economic gain and hence they don’t simply steal anything on the way. They choose and pick. So, if you own a popular car among auto buyers, thieves are more likely be targeting you. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, California is the leading state with the highest rate of vehicle theft in 2013 in the entire nation, while Honda topped the most stolen vehicle.

You definitely don’t want your car be a target. So, what can you do to protect your car from these highly organized criminals? What you can do at this point is to make your car a tough target.

When the thief is forced to take more time in stealing a car, he is more likely to get caught. So, it will certainly pay off if you can make grabbing your car hard for thieves.

Here is a list of top 10 ways to prevent your car from being stolen.

Install an alarm system

Having an alarm system or anti-theft device installed on your car is the first step towards preventing your vehicle from being stolen. It is important to make sure your car has a properly functioning alarm system or anti-theft device all the time. This can easily be done at the dealership when you purchase your car. Alternatively, you can also visit auto parts stores and find a secured alarm system to be installed on your vehicle.

Have an anti-theft device

Make sure you have an anti-theft device such as an immobiliser in your car. In most cases, an immobiliser prevents a car from stealing. It works by disabling the primary components that start a car. The three main elements are starter motor, fuel system, and ignition. However, it is reportedly found that most anti-theft devices are vulnerable due to high-tech methods used by organized auto criminals. So, to check this, you can consult a reliable security consultant while installing any anti-theft devices.

Keep the car doors locked & windows closed

Always lock your car doors and close windows even if you are popping into a store for just a minute or entering your house for quick grab. Theft may occur anytime and it can happen quickly enough. You also need to be careful if your car locks with a remote key. Make sure doors are actually locked before you walk away because there are thieves who can block the signal from your key so that the car doesn’t actually lock.

Keep your car in a locked garage

Auto thieves always keep on looking for opportunities. So, it is always a good idea to keep your car in a locked garage. It certainly pays off in making your car hard-to-grab for thieves and helps prevent your car being stolen. However, garage facility may not be an option for those who live in cities.

Pick out a safe and secure night-parking spot

You have to park your car in street; it is always a good way to choose a well-lit spot that is in public view where potential thieves can easily be seen. And if you are parking your vehicle in a public car park, always choose ones that have excellent security with CCTV cameras and ample lighting system.

Do not leave an extra key in your car

Leaving an extra key in your car should not be encouraged. Many drivers usually do this as a way out when they accidentally locked themselves out of their cars. Thieves are really smart these days and know where to find a spare key. So, it is not recommended to leave a spare key in the car.

Don’t leave your car keys lying around in plain sight in the house

If burgling happens in your house, you certainly don’t want thieves grabbing your car keys and flee away. So, it is recommended to keep your car keys safely hidden away. This will help prevent your car from being stolen.

Do not leave valuable items in the car

It is really a bad idea to leave valuable items such as purses, briefcases, shopping bags, etc, inside of your car when unattended. Such items can make thieves break into your car and once they are inside your car, stealing the car itself is then made easier.

Choose a less popular car with thieves

In most cases, cars which are popular among buyers often become targeted by car thieves. So, picking out a less popular car with thieves can help reduce the chance of losing your car. There are various quality cars available, which thieves less consider. So, before you buy a car, check out various auto consumer reports to find which car is less prone to theft.

Install a tracker in your car or opt for a black box insurance policy

Installing a tracker cannot prevent your car from being stolen; however, it can really pay off in recovering your car back. You can also choose a black box car insurance that involves fitting a black box somewhere in your car which uses satellite technology to access data, including time and days of journeys and can help in theft recovery services.

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