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Buying a car, whether it is new or used, is a costly purchase, usually the second most costly undertaking, after a home. However, owning a car is a reality we all have to face at some point in time.

As you work your way through the purchase process, you may find it frustrating to deal with overbearing and pushy car salesmen, while it is also important to make sure you make a wise investment.

While Internet has undoubtedly made things easier in the car purchase process, but this endeavor of buying a car is still rough with difficulties that can even wind up the most experienced shoppers into worst deals.

Some consumers spend days making sure to find the best deal on the car they will love driving and yet they often fall prey to unnecessary charges. So, when you visit a dealership to buy a car without any beforehand research, you are making yourself vulnerable to whatever terms the dealer offers, ending up hundreds of dollar extra.

Therefore, researching and reviewing time-tested steps and expert advises is crucial for getting absolute best car deal. By reviewing the advises contained here, you will not only get the best deal that suits your needs and save money and also trim down the stress level involved with a car purchase.


Here are 10 important tips to follow for finding the deal on cars:

Identify your needs & budget

A car purchasing process should be initiated by practically accessing your needs for both present and future. To get the most absolute out of it, your practical considerations should be relative to your budget and that may include how many passengers you need to carry, what type of driving (highway or off-road or ice/snow), safety features & cargo capacity you are looking, and how long you normally commute to check fuel efficiency, etc. By having all these questions answered and comparing the evaluations, you will have a clear idea on how you can afford (cash or finance) at your present financial situation.

Do your research

After identifying your needs and budget, doing a beforehand research with open mind about the car you want to purchase is a crucial factor before you visit a dealership lot, otherwise, you may settle to whatever terms the dealer offers. You will find numerous online car-shopping services to research the makes and models, types of car you want to own, current prices, etc. If you are not fortunate enough to pay cash, you will have to finance your purchase. In such case, researching on various financial options is also necessary to determine how large a loan you can afford. All these research knowledge will make you a well-informed consumer when visiting a dealer.

Make a list of car choices

You may probably be having some car choices in your mind. You can enhance your knowledge by browsing various auto information websites. Check out models, features, retail and invoice prices, and other details about the cars you are considering and compare the specifications and prices to help you find what you need in a car.

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