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When it comes to determining the best quality car brands worldwide, many factors are accessed including the materials used, road test performance, reliability, etc.

The annual Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) report from J.D. Power has been released. This meticulously monitored report examines the long-term reliability of the vehicles by analyzing the materials, malfunctions, defects, and other design related issues during the first three years of ownership. This offers consumers a guide on how well automakers are performing when it comes to quality.

The average problems per vehicles rating as well as reliability road test score gives an idea on how likely the vehicles from each brand tend to sustain on long term basis. The vehicles from these top ranked car brands will lessen your trips to the mechanic, thereby reducing the headache concerning untimely repairs and services.

There has been a number of interesting findings in JD Power VDS report for 2015. The most problem-prone areas, not surprisingly, are the issues concerning powerstrain: automatic transmission shift quality and wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, voice recognition, etc.

While the numbers are always changing, though, here is the JD Power VDS ranking report for the top 10 quality car brands in 2015:



New Lexus Hybrid

With a surprising score of just 89 problems per 100 vehicles and overall rating for reliability and a road test score of 78, Lexus has achieved an industry-leading performance by topping all the rivals four times in a row. This luxury vehicle division from Japanese automaker Toyota was first introduced in the United States in 1989. It is marketed worldwide and has quickly become one of the best selling luxury brands across the world. Some of the worth noting Lexus cars are: the GX (midsize premium SUV), the ES (the compact premium car), the RX (a mid-size luxury crossover SUV), the CT (a premium sport compact hatchback), etc.

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