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Millions of people drive everyday but how many of us keep the enough knowledge about driving laws. All of us are well aware by the common driving laws but still made some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly that results in troubles. There are some of the most common penalties which drivers often face such as speedy driving, illegally parking, drink driving and other few valid reasons. But have you ever fined with unaware driving law that you had broken. Yes, there are number of driving laws which you didn’t know you were breaking. One such law is leaving a window down in your car. You have to pay fee for breaking this driving law. There are lots of other laws from whom you might unaware. That’s why we are emphasizing on few driving laws which are unwittingly broken by us.

Let’s have a look on some of those driving laws you didn’t know you were breaking:

  • Securing your car and windows: Did you know, if you leave your car running while going into the store even for a little bit time then it will be consider against the law in many states. If you are more than 3 meters away from your car then it must be secured or locked with the engine off, hand brake applied as well as key removed from the ignition. If no one is inside the car then windows must be lower than 5 centimetres. If you are not aware by this rule and have done such kind of mistake earlier then make sure that never do it in future otherwise you have to face penalty that could be in between $40 to $117 depending upon the state law.
  • Don’t forget to leave a gap for cyclists: Most of us well aware by the saying “Leave a gap for Cyclists” buy only few of them know that it is actually a driving law which is applied on all states. While driving a vehicle, you have to create a 1 meter gap between your vehicle and cyclists in an under 60km zone and 1.5 meter gap in an over 60km zone. So don’t break this rule and leave a gap for cyclists.
  • Illegal use of a warning device: Misuse of warning device such as horn also consider against the driving law. Use of horn unnecessarily for example to say goodbye or to frustrate others is an offence. Some people often do that just to frustrate others but it is suggested to them that don’t do it because it is against the law. Make sure you are not doing that and using the horn only to warn other devices, road users, animals or for any other valid reason otherwise it will be consider as an offence and you have to pay a heavy fine.
  • Playing Loud Music: Playing loud music generally when car windows are down can distract you and other motorists while driving. It can direct you towards trouble as it is against the driving law. Some people don’t know this and often break the rule by playing loud music.
  • Drive in morning after a heavy drinking session: Most of the people have a common misconception that it is legal to drive the morning after a night of heavy drinking. But if you have consumed the drink at 2 am and then going for a drive at 7 am then that means not enough time has passed for alcohol to leave the body. Thus in that case, you can also be penalized for drunk-driving. So make sure that not do drive a vehicle after a short gap of drinking.
  • Body parts out of the car: Some of us keep our elbow on the window ledge just for a rest while driving. But in some states, if car is moving then it will against the driving law and you have to pay a penalty for it. Be careful while keeping any of the body part out of the car.
  • Child Safety Seat law: Some people are unaware that holding a baby in arms while the car is in motion even if wearing a seatbelt is against the law. It will not consider as the fault of passenger but driver is culpable for that. While going in the car with children, ensure that kids are safely secured in the vehicle. For this, you can place a booster seat or child safety seat in the car which is needed until the child reaches 12 years of age. Many of us don’t know this and often break this law. This act is made for child safety and security. This rule is not applied for taxis or buses.
  • Road Rage and aggressive driving: Sometimes driver show aggressive behaviour which might include rude gestures, verbal insults, drive in unsafe or threatening manner etc. which is against the law. There is a law for aggressive driving and if you are driving against that law then you have to pay heavy amount.
  • Make sure your number plate is visible all the time: Number plate light must be on so that it is visible properly otherwise it is against the law. It is required that your registration plate is clearly visible all the times.
  • One thing that must be considered by drivers is they need to keep left unless overtaking when roads have a speed limit of more than 80km/hr.


It’s the responsibility of drivers to know the driving rules before getting behind the wheel.

Violation of driving laws will lead to a small to heavy fine whether you did it willingly or unwittingly. It may also point on your license and even ban you from driving. Thus it is useful for all to refresh themselves with the all driving laws along with updated information about road rules. By acquiring complete information about the law can help to avoid breaking it. Keep yourself updated with driving laws so that you can avoid breaking any driving law and stay safe.

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