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Specific needs and lifestyle choices often define the choice of a vehicle. For example, the rugged type and those who love the great outdoor would love to buy SUVs, and those who are busy entrepreneurs will be thrilled if they have a pick-up just waiting in the garage. For most, it’s all about the reliability, performance, power and aesthetic value of the vehicle. But when it comes to choosing the best vehicle for the family, a slightly different set of factors and considerations come into play, and for the right reasons. Busy families have different set of needs and requirements, and it’s only fitting that a special group of vehicles should be considered. A family looking to buy a new vehicle would likely consider the safety and comfort of the kids, extra storage space for personal effects and baby things, entertainment and technology to keep everyone of different ages happy during long road trips and just the right balance of power and aesthetics. And because of these changing needs, families in the US and other parts of the world are looking at a diverse set of vehicles, dominated by SUVs and minivans. Here’s a look at the leading popular family cars this 2017, as preferred by many families and review websites today and of course, the reasons why these vehicles are hot picks.

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