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1.It’s too expensive, and much more expensive to maintain and repair!

Jut how much is a ‘regular supercar’? If you are looking for a basic but solid supercar on the market,then you’ll need to prepare $100,000. The 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo sells for at least $225,000, and if you’re looking at a cheaper buy at less than $100,000, you can get an Audi R8. But the problem with buying supercars at less than $100,000 is whether that unit is indeed worthy of a supercar status!

After approving the purchase, you end up driving the supercar with serious determination, confidence and pride, knowing you burned a hundred grand on a glittering make and model. And then your car got hit by a truck, or you managed to crash into roadside block.

Whatever the case, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars for repairs and regular visits to the maintenance guy. And you end up not driving the car for months.

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