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It’s one of those decisions that you’ll need to face in time- to buy or not to buy a car for your kids. Granted that you have a cash to burn for another new car for the family, still a decision has to be made, whether or not your kids deserve to drive their own car, away from your control and supervision. Just remember that buying your kids a car is like allowing them to take the first steps. Remember the time that they struggled to take their first few steps? It was both exciting and stressful, but it marked a a start of an era, of independence. The same is true with buying your kids their car. Decide in their favor, and you once again provide them with an opportunity to exercise independence and choice, beyond your control.

But if you decide to buy your kids their car, your job doesn’t end there. There are other things and concerns to keep in mind that should be kept in mind when shopping for the right car that your kids will love. Remember, if you given them a chance at independence, you may want to make sure that they’re driving a car appropriate for their age group.

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