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2015 Bugatti Veyron

1. Horsepower-rich cars are expensive and out of your league

Today, the market is loaded with makes and models that are known for their tremendous horsepower. Some of the great names on the list include the Pagani Huayra, the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Ferrari La Ferrari. These cars are loaded with power, but you should be loaded with case in case you want to own one. The Pagani Huayra for instance retails for $1,450,000 or a staggering $2,013.89 per horsepower. This isn’t the most expensive power car in the market today. Veyron Bugatti, a super car that exceeds more than a thousand horsepower sells for nearly $2,000,000. This is the main reason why getting a powerful car with the most horsepower should be re-considered many times. It can be costly and too expensive to maintain.