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2. Offers reliable towing

Chevrolet Suburban
Powerful towing is another advantage of SUVs over regular vehicles on the road. Similar with an off-road capability, the towing power of SUVs make these types of vehicles the best options for families and individuals who are always out for an adventure or long travels. There are SUVs in the market right now with towing capabilities that are similar to or even better than some trucks. The 2011 Chevrolet Suburban is an example of a capable SUV that can work for families and busy business owner who needs to haul cargo or even tow a boat. The Suburban can haul up to 8,100 pounds making this SUV a capable and functional investment for personal or business use. There is also a three-quarter ton Chevy Suburban that can accommodate up to 9,600 pounds making this a superb hard worker on and off the road.