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Patience is a virtue for consumers and buyers in the automotive market. In an industry where new products and a host of features and amenities are improved and updated on a regular basis, making an informed selection can be a stressful experience. You may have found a great make and model today, but you’ll never know what the next few months in the automotive industry will bring! So for many car buyers and enthusiasts, a spur-of-the-moment buying decision may not be the best strategy. And if you’re in the market for a new car today, you should probably put that next purchase on hold until you have read the planned 2017 release of the top industry players today. You’ll be surprised at this loaded batch, and you’ll definitely agree that patience is a virtue in car shopping.

2017 Ford GT

It comes in flashy blue, powerful engine, the Ford GT brand and of course, a flashy sticker price. Friends, Ford is set to unleash its ultra-powerful and aesthetically superb 2017 Ford GT. If you are the type of driver who loves to drive the LaFerrari or the McLaren 650S, then you will love this 2017 blue package from Ford. Although this car is fitted with ‘just’ a V6 engine, this V6 engine is capable of producing more than 650 horsepower, powerful enough to compete with some of the latest supercars in the market. If you love the looks and the performance, better take a good look at the price- it is estimated that this super car will sell for $350,000.

2017 Volvo XC90

Developing autonomous vehicles has been on the plans of many companies including Apple and Acura. But it’s Volvo that’s quick on the draw by incorporating this technology on it new 2017 model- the 2017 Volvo XC90. At the core of the operations of this new Volvo model is the Pilot Assist II. This serves as a standard equipment in this model, and available in selected markets. With the addition of this new standard equipment, the car becomes semi-autonomous, which can control braking and steering and acceleration.

2017 Tesla Model S

Th gorgeous and highly efficient Tesla Model S gets an upgrade in time for the 2017 production year. For the latest evolution of the Tesla Model S, car buyers and enthusiasts can count on an updated and grill-less front that approximates the looks of the Model 3 and Model X SUV. Speaking of the Model 3, this model is starting to gain traction, thanks to its competitive pricing. When released in 2017, this will become the cheapest Tesla model around and will sell for roughly $30,000.

2017 Toyota Supra

According to reports, this 2017 Toyota Supra will be made available at the latter part of 2017. This was initially thought to be a 2016 production model, but with some delays in production, its shipment will probably start late next year. The design of the 2017 Toyota Supra will be based on the Toyota F-1 concept according to some enthusiasts and critics, but the industry will be waiting on the actual body and design of this car. This project, a collaboration with BMW, is ripe with rumors and projections, but with no definite word on design, power and looks. Some are saying that the body may be shorter than the older Supra, and is expected to be lighter, similar to the BMW i8. All these are just speculations, and at the end of the day, the arrival of the production unit will eventually set the records straight.

2017 Lincoln Continental

If you are looking for a luxury car that spells American, then wait a few months for the 2017 Lincoln Continental. But if you want to travel in one, then you should enough savings to cover the price of this elegant and executive-looking car. The base model of the Continental starts at $45,000, for the lowest trim. The highest trim is the ‘Black Label’ with an asking price of more than $63,000. But the cost can go up depending on the features and add ons that you want to be included in the car. For example, if you want the power that comes from 3.0-liter V6 engine, then you need to pay more than $69,000.

2017 BMW M2

The planned 2017 BMW M2 combines power and aesthetics under one roof, and power of this BMW model comes from the 3.0-liter M Twin Power Turbo inline six, complemented by 6-speed manual transmission. Drivers can also select the optional M double clutch transmission. With this engine in places, drivers can expect 365 horses. The company has not yet released the official pricing for the new 2017 BMW M2.

2017 Acura NSX

The latest Acura on the block, the 2017 Acura NSX, follows the intelligent design and performance of Porsche, McLaren and Lamborghini. This is not the first time that an NSX is offered in the market. In 1990, the company also offered an Acura NSX that made use of titanium engine valves and aluminum chassis to create an everyday car that’s flashy and deliver better performance. Fast-forward to 2016, and the industry is looking forward to another version of the Acura NSX. The car is powered by a V6 and an electric motor, and price starts at $150,000.

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