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2015 Zil Punisher

1. 2015 Zil Punisher

Russia is known as one of the nations with the strongest military forces, thus it is no longer surprising to know that the government is embarking on a number of research and development to further boost its military might. For example, for main battle tanks, Russia has managed to update its fleet by offering the T-14 Armata main battle tank which easily trumps some of the world’s best.

But it isn’t just in tanks that the Russia is well known. Even in the design and production of military vehicles, this country takes the lead. Just take the case of the 2015 Zil Punisher, developed by Zil. This part ‘humvee’ and part bat-mobile, is a monster off the road, and one of the fastest as well. The Punisher is backed by a 4-wheel chassis from Kamaz-4911 truck, runs 150 km/h and can be used by the country’s military in different kinds of terrain, from marshlands to off-roads. All these brawn and power is for $250,000.

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