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1. 2015 Toyota Avalon

The premium-level 2015 Toyota Avalon is highly efficient, dependable and comes with a full-suite of luxurious features on-board that makes it a popular choice among luxury car shoppers. It also helps that the 2015 Avalon sells below $40,000 range, a catch among enthusiasts and buyers looking for affordable but highly competitive luxury cars. You will love this luxury car if you are looking for great comfort, big style and dependable fuel economy. There are different trims available, and if you are looking at the standard trim of the Avalon, you will get a 3.5-liter V6 engine 6-speed automatic transmission that can deliver 268 horsepower, with 17” aluminum wheels, air bags, electronic stability, cruise control to name just a few.

On-board, the Avalon delivers all the nice features, from the use of first-rate materials to infotainment options. The Avalon also comes with a hybrid model that should appeal to more frugal car shoppers, and a Touring Sport Edition that can work for shoppers looking for a more hip and sporty luxury car.

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