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The modern world today has an increasing number of near-to-extinction species; but none is dying out faster than the people who drive a manual transmission or stick-shift car. It’s a worrying thing that the art of mastering the H-gate navigation is almost lost and nearly replaced by automatic transmission with the modern-day car buyers.

So, undoubtedly, mastering how to drive is one of the most empowering things anyone could ever experience in a lifetime. But, unfortunately, not everyone is a passionate driver and they don’t get bothered in shifting gears. Today, a manual transmission has almost become a thing of the past as more drivers are opting automatic.

It is important to admit that learning to drive is a crucial life-skill that needs to be practised and mastered. A passionate driver should understand how a car work and feel the power on the wheels when the shift is applied and also know how to maintain absolute control of all aspects of a car at all times.

Mastering how to drive a manual means you will never get caught flat-footed in situations when you have drive a inebriated friend home on his old Chevy or when you need to borrow a car and only one available is manual.

So, check out below the top 10 reasons why everyone should learn how to drive a manual transmission car.

A manual transmission gives you absolute control

It goes without saying that everyone wants being in control. A manual transmission makes you an absolute boss of your car. You can easily control the throttle response or the power output that can be intuitive and immediate. However, cars with automatic transmission will tell you what to do, making your presence absolutely unimportant even though you are behind the wheel. Moreover, automatic cars often shift up at the worst time with the wrong gear.

A manual transmission gives a better fuel economy

Cars with manual transmission usually are more fuel efficient than its identical automatic-equipped siblings. If you check out the EPA numbers, it makes sense that manual cars can push you more MPG (miles per gallon) than their automatic equivalents.

You can drive faster with manual transmission cars

When looking for a spirited drive, having full control with manual transmission can make it bit more aggressive and alive. With manuals, you can control the car in reaching the sweet spot of your engine’s power when its curve starts getting a bit more agile. However, with automatic versions, you can never control the power output making at this magic spot of the powerband.

Manual cars avoids distracted driving

While behind the wheel of a car with manual transmission, there is simply no appendage to spare. The process of shifting gears manually involves both foots—for pressing or releasing on the gas, brake, and clutch as well as both hands – for selecting different gears, and navigating the wheel. In such an interactive motoring process, you will be less tempted to use a mobile device or do any other extraneous activities.

You will be able to drive all cars

Most cars produced just a few short decades ago were manuals which we still are driven around. Many of the most popular models do not provide alternative with automatic transmission. So, mastering manual shifting is not an option but a necessity. A person who can drive a manual car will also drive an automatic; but the reverse is not true.

Manual cars offer more fun

Driving a manual car is a blast to experience– faster & spirited acceleration, gentler braking, etc. You will be able to reach the sweet spot of the car’s powerband that electrify the car with a bit more aggressive and exhilarating driving. So, without a manual transmission, a car is no fun, nothing more than just a golf cart. Some more stellar benefits with manual car are — fuel efficiency, cost-effective, undistracted driving, etc.

You will never get stuck while traveling abroad

Most rental cars being driven internationally are manuals and oftentimes they are the only options. So, by mastering how to drive a manual, you won’t be stuck if you happen to rent a car abroad and only option available is manual. You will just be able jump into any car and get going.

Cheaper to buy, maintain and repair

Manual cars are usually cheaper to buy than their automatic equivalents. They also take lesser expenses in maintenance, meaning you don’t need expensive oil filter kit and gasket. When any issue arises, they are easier and cheap to fix. In short, manuals are just plain cheap compared to automatics.

Manual cars prove you are good in multitasking

When you drive a manual, it demands your ability and concentration to perform a number of tasks at one time. The process involves considering gears, acceleration, traffics, object around the car. It takes the roles of your both foots and legs in moving from point A to point B. It shows that you are able to perform complex and multiple tasks at once.

You will have better understanding of your car

While driving a car with manual transmission, you will experience a sense of accomplishment that you have truly mastered the art of real driving. Understanding how the manual shifts work and how the output power is controlled also makes it easier to have a better understanding of your car and also help you fix it when problems arise.

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