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1: Smart ForTwo


Sure, its incredibly easy to park, and it gets decent fuel mileage, but those are its only major benefits. For example, the fuel mileage won’t save you anything, because the car sips Premium. The car is relatively affordable, but it only seats two, and gets bad ratings. For the money, its too small, has a jerky transmission, and is severely underpowered.

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      Please explain these physics to me… How is a rear engined car safer.

      • peremen

        because motor is hard , very hard and not deformable
        while a free space frame
        is more soft and can absorb energy more easily

        • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

          Sure, except that rear engined cars breaking distance isn’t shorter. Front engine cars load their front tires and stop more effectively. Your physics don’t make sense still concerning oversteer.. Elaborate on those.

          • peremen

            this could be right 30 years ago
            now electronic system help to eliminate this problems .

            And it’s always better to have a front side
            that absorbs energy
            rather than a rigid engine block
            which penetrates in your cockpit

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      Please elaborate on this… How is oversteer safer? Oversteer is far less forgiving than understeer. The vast majority of the population can barely handle understeer, how is giving them the far less forgiving, far more difficult beast that is oversteer a good idea…

    • Xavi

      Indeed, seems to be a recurring theme on this website, poorly written ‘articles’ by people who are obviously clueless about cars.

      The funniest part is they claim this site was “Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts”, lmao

  • PetrolHeed

    I am staggered that a BMW has made it on a Top Gear list of poor cars. I thought the sun shone though it’s exhaust pipe! I thought the all holy and saintly BMW could do no wrong. That it truly deserves to be the preserve of the elite. The “Burton Brigade”. The middle-class, affluent, designer men with their middle-class, affluent, designer stubble and middle-class, affluent, designer life. Just goes to show…

  • Peter Lewis

    Obviously written for the American market.
    Ive owned a Smart For Two for the past five years, the discontinued 799cc CDI version.
    The gearbox is not jerky on the diesel, due to the totally different gear ratios to the petrol version it operates fairly smoothly for a fully sequential gearbox, and last year i drove to Thurso at the top of Scotland and back on less than a tank of fuel, in comfort.

    That was a journey of just under 747miles, and the car performed brilliantly throughout.
    There are few if any other cars running on Uk roads that can travel such a distance with a fuel tank smaller than ten gallons.

    • Warren Grant

      I have a gas Smart ForTwo 2011 I bought used. The fuel cost savings alone over my previous vehicle (a Honda CRV) will pay for the cost of buying the vehicle in 4.5 years at the rate I currently buy fuel. It is literally costing me less than half over what I used to pay. The transmission is a bit jerky I admit, particularly 1st to 2nd, but if you get used to driving the car you can mitigate that and you have the option to manually shift and avoid most of the jerkiness. Yes, I pay about $4 more per tank of gas, but the tank is half the size of the CRVs and takes me further – and I am doing deliveries over short distances in the city. If I was mostly driving on the highway the savings would be even better. So far its been an excellent purchase, and the most fun vehicle I have driven.

      This article seems oriented towards the US market where bigger is better, regardless of the practicality or any logic. Every day I see guys driving huge trucks around and just laugh at all the gas and money they must be wasting.

  • Martin The Smoggie UTB!

    I’m sorry I HAVE to disagree with the Fiat 500 being a formidable alternative to a Mini Cooper. In my opinion the Mini out does the Fiat in every department. Looks, handling, performance and for just shear pleasure, for me it’s the Mini that wins Hands down.

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      We respect your opinion. However the Mini is incredibly expensive in the american market, which is a big negative for it. Frankly the mini is overpriced. A friend of mine just paid 32k for a brand new Cooper S. It doesn’t even have such basics as heated seats that are present in a 26k GTI.

      • peremen

        you are both right
        Alfa Romeo Mito is the real alternative to Mini
        500 ad mini have only one common point
        are “glamour” cars

        • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

          We don’t have the Mito in the american market, where we are located. We write our articles based on the american market.

      • Martin The Smoggie UTB!

        Yes Mr Alex Filsinger sir, I’ll give you that Minis are expensive. They get away with it in Britain but they don’t have the same kudos in the USA as in the UK.
        Take a look at the MG3 top spec car for £9999 and with a few options you can have a VERY well kitted car (for the British taste for about £11’500 or for nearly £14’000 you can have a base spec Mini One without and options.
        I guess its a British love affair with Mini that allows them to get away with over pricing.
        Mini’s are fun to drive and are a super sexy looking car and the Cooper S goes like the Space Shuttle used to when it was in service.

  • Moshe

    Look up “Planned Obsolescence” and consume the least you really need until they drop this criminal activity.

    P.S. Don’t buy Mercedes-Benz’es with automatic transmissions – total garbage.

  • Harryagain

    Re the I-Miev.
    Total drivel. They have got every “fact” wrong.
    This is a great car, especially about town.
    As there’s no gearbox, acceleration is seamless, leaves most cars standing from the traffic lights.
    No road tax, “Fuel” is dirt cheap, free if you have solar panels.

  • Magnus_Isaksen

    I don’t understand what you mean by saying the microcars have bad acceleration. Did you expect 0-100 in 5 seconds in a small city car? The fact that you say 174 HP is low just underline my point.

    • http://UnlimitedRevs.com Alex Filsinger

      174 hp is low in the grand scheme of things. I don’t expect micro cars to be fast, but quick is a reasonable expectation in my opinion.

  • dantanman

    Clueless, is it that hard to find a writer that actually knows something about cars to write an article about CARS? Looks that way, the Lincoln you call an MKS is actually an MKT, MKS is a 4 door sedan

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      Thats a typo! Thanks for catching it! If you look at the title on that page it is correct, and we typo’d in the body paragraph!

  • http://www.bestpaidonlinesurveysites.com seomagic84

    I highly support your point of view. I love cars and know a good car observation when I see one.


    My experience are don,t buy any European cars they mostly are a bunch of expensive trash Japanese cars are far better than any European car. BMW, AUDI. VOLKSWAGEN AND MERCEDES ARE ALL A BUNCH OF EXPENSIVE JUNK. LEXUS AND ACURA PLUS HONDA ARE ALL SUPERIOR TO ALL OF EUROPEAN JUNK.

    • http://unlimitedrevs.com Alex Filsinger

      Can you elaborate on your view here. Why do you think this. I own a VW and have no issues. My dad has had multiple AMG’s and has no issues, and my mother has a Porsche with no issues. The rest of my family and friends drive european cars and have no problems either. On the contrary, my friend has nothing but problems with his S2000…

      • Olaide Nojeem Ekeolere

        The guy must be a fool.

  • http://www.UKOK.fr.gd/ I’ve Voted YES for Scotland

    Quite honestly you should avoid any sort of car and use public transport, walk or simply get a taxi. There is absolutely no point in buying a car that will in any case not drive you home after a night out. Far better to rely on the local Public transport and the more people who do this the better public transport we will all have and millions of new jobs will be created too. Good RMT union well paid London transport type jobs that can support a family. Support the RMT and join us today.

  • Hammond Ecks

    Geez, did Snooki proofread the captions? There are enough goofs to make Autocorrect look good. it’s means “it is”, its is a possessive, not the other way around. thats isn’t even a word. ford and flex may be perfectly fine verbs but as car names they’re “F”-ed up.

  • Xavi

    “Removed”? Well, here it is again. And fuck you too.

    Indeed, seems to be a recurring theme on this website, poorly written ‘articles’ by people who are obviously clueless about cars.

    The funniest part is they claim this site was “Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts”, lmao