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James Stunt

1. James Stunt

James Stunt, the husband of Petra Ecclestone, is known for his pricey collection of cars and arts. But his collection of exotic cars is the one that helped make James a star on his own right. According to reports, Stunt maintains a collection of cars that’s the envy of millions, and it features a custom Conquistador, Phantom Rolls Royces and Masonry Rolls Royce. It is also rumored that he owns an Aventador and a 1963 Ferrari 250LM, an acquisition that helps solidify Stunt as a true lover of vintage cars. Just this year, Stunt got himself a a unique £3.1 million Lamborghini super-car, made in carbon fiber. And just like the rest of his cars in the collection, this newest member of the fleet carries S7UNT license plate.

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