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In today’s market where innovations and technologies are the norm, you will think that car manufacturers are wiser, informed and equipped to roll-out high-quality and premium cars for the driving public. The opposite is actually true- even with established standards in reliability, fuel efficiency, safety and price, car designers and manufacturers still stumble and produce makes and models you would be ashamed to drive around. Here’s a unique listing of car make and models that are often ignored and discarded in the usual ‘Best Lists’. So in the spirit of empowering consumers and providing accessible information, we put the spotlight on cars released in 2015 that we would not recommend, ever.

1. Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

Fiat has been at the receiving end of negative news and reviews in the last few years, with industry-leading publications like JD Power listing the Fiat brand as the worst car brand in terms of quality. And this negative perception is translated in cars that are rolled out in the production line including the Fiat 500L. With price starting at $19,295 to a maximum of $24,595, this Fiat entry fails miserably when it comes to reliability, with Consumer Reports giving the Fiat 500L the worst reliability score. Just how bad and unreliable the car is? Well, the Fiat 500L is more than 200 percent more unreliable than the industry average.

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