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The sun’s up, school requirements are completed and it’s time to hit the great outdoors for cookouts, outdoor events and road trips. Summer months, or the months from June to August, are considered by many as the best times to take on the challenges of the outdoors and to plan out a variety of activities away from the stressful demands of work or school. And to make these plans, it’s important for individuals to plan out the choice of transportation as well. In a planned summer getaway, travel time is equally important when it comes to promoting a memorable getaway and vacation. While the destination is often seen by many as the main treat, what you do during travel time can sustain the excitement and prepare everyone for the thrilling time expected in a few hours. For this reason, it pays to plan out the right vehicle to use suited for a summer road trip. But not all vehicles are suited for summer getaways and road trips- there are vehicles best for short trips and city driving, and there are the best cars for summer. From reliable family haulers to flashy SUVs for rough and tough adventure in the great outdoors, we’ve covered it all. Check the list below for the 10 best cars for summer that you can consider on your planned getaway!

1. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Yes, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a bulky SUV, but it comes in as an able SUV that’s a sensible gas guzzler and can be reliable partner when it comes to highway and off-road driving and adventure. With a fuel economy of 28 mpg for highway driving and 21 mpg for city driving, this Jeep is positioned as a great alternative for drivers who want to confidently take on the challenges of the road and at the same time enjoy great fuel efficiency. The Jeep can haul a family of four, and offers plenty of cargo space, thus making this SUV a smart option for long-range road trips.

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